Connected Paper doorbell

Print. Connect. Enjoy.

Get your klingl

Create your personalized bell with only one click.

Slap it on your door

Print your klingl code and read the sentence above.

Start connecting via webhooks or iot devices

Tell them to

Just let them scan your klingl as soon as they reach your door. Welcome to


sickest features

Don't be afraid coz we have so many cool features which came to our mind. Some are listed below.


For personal use and small businesses

Mute your klingl

Snooze it while you're sleeping.

Change sounds

We couldnt make it work yet. Will come - 100% promise.


Connect your klingl via webhooks, mqtt or just plain REST


Gain your you can proudly present them to others.


See all those lovely klinglers who knocked at your door.